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This wax can be used for pillars or containers. this is a off color wax with a very pleasing aroma. It is made by boiling bayberries and dates back to the 1800s. This was is an olive color  and cannot be colored with light colors. It has a pleasant natural aroma but can be scented. 

Bayberry Wax, sometimes known as Myrtle Wax, is a vegetable wax derived from the bayberry fruit. It is amongst the most hard to find of vegetable waxes, but has a long history in the use in making natural tapered candles. This wax is a replacement for beeswax for artisans who truly want a natural candle wax. 

This was the first wax ever used in the United States. 116 degrees F is the melting point. Many customers mix this with beeswax. 

Marketing this as an alternative to soy and coconut could be a very good marketing idea. This is a new product we are test marketing, if it is well received we will order in larger quantities and get the price down. Please give us your feedback. 

From the same manufacturer as sp-487

Vegan wax with a similar properties of beeswax

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