The question of palm wax being bad for the enviroment was a question we researched for months before adding it to our site. We only want to carry products that are good for the enviroment but that being said we want to give people the choice. We want to be as open about our sourcing and suppliers as possible. Our palm waxes comed from a copany in Malaysia called Lipidchem. WE did as much research as we could on this company and their free trade practices. This supplier is part of RSPO. (roundtable on sustainable palm oil. For more information on rspo follow this link. RSPO is a non profit organization with strict standards. Before this organization existed there was much question on the farming and enviromental damage caused by palm oil. Due to this the palm oil industry still has a bad reputation. We feel that modern oil companies and fracking companies put far greater on stress on the enviroment then palm oil producers. The palm oil industry practices were brought to light and there was many safeguards put in place to make sure they changed for the better. MPOA (Malaysian Palm Oil Association) is another organization or supplier is a certified member of. WWF (World Wildlife fund) is also an active participant in this organization. They all work together to build trust , share ideas and develop understanding on the practices of the production of Palm oil. For more information on World Wildlife Fund and palm wax folow this link. . At sunshine Candle supply we take what we sell very seriously and were very suprised to find that palm oil and wax is produced at a much higher standard then crude oil in the united states. They had a problem and took steps to fix it, which we admire. Without taking a trip to Malaysia we feel our Palm wax is from a very enviromentally conscious company.


Asaki Gibson

Date 2/4/2021


Date 2/17/2024

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