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Strahl & Pitsch since 1904
Strahl & Pitsch since 1904

SP 487 all natural vegetable conatainer wax (45lb case)

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SP 487 wax is an all natural vegetable container candle blend holding  between 7% and 12% fragrance load. SP487 is Hard crystalline texture, very good adhesion to the glass, excellent fragrance loading capacity. The exact ingredient list of sp 487 is a proprietary formula but does contain coconut, soy and other vegetable waxes. Great for 4-16oz. containers (May require a second wick in a 27oz. jar). Use cotton or paper core wicks, pour hot for the best effect (175-185F)  Do not use paraffin dye chips as they will affect appearance or overheat.  Use of our Dye flakes is recommended. Melting point 131 F. During testing we found this wax much harder then coco 83 and coco apricot creme. Our best performing versions was mixing coco 83 and sp48. We encourage you to test your own percentages, but we used a higher percentage of coco 83. We also tested this mixed with coco apricot creme with mixed results. Sp 487 wax was also tested adding beeswax at 5-10% with good results in hardening the wax. (PRICING NOTE : due to this wax being considered a luxury wax and not a high volume product for us we have had to price it higher.  As volume increases on sp 487 wax we hope to be able to reduce the price) We hope to have smaller sizes available on our waxes in the future. 

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