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Silicone Penis Mold

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Girls just wanna have fun ??. This is the largest mold of its kind available 

We have tested many mold for candles and soap.  We find the two pieces molds like this to be far superior to the one piece molds. The one piece molds need to be cut to remove the product and can get very tricky. Just wrap rubber bands to hold this together while drying. The studs along the edge of this one hold the mold together very well until un-molding. 

Instructions : During our testing this was the best results we got from this mold. Apply a small amount of oil around lip of mold to help all part fit tightly. Apply a small amount of wax around the outisde of the mold to seal the two pieces together. Use rubber bands to hold both pieces together. Do not tighten the rubber band too tight! then pour your wax or soap base. This one took some practice to get right. We would not recommend using wax if using this for a chocolate mold.  These are our results only and we recommend you do your own testing.

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