What is sp 487 wax
what is sp 487p wax you might ask. It is a premium wax carried by Sunshine candle supply. WE are one of the few candle supply companies to carry this wax. It is made by one of the oldest wax manufacturers in the USA. Strahl & Pitsch has been making soy candle waxes and other waxes since 1904. This is considered a premium wax and luxury candle lines that are all natural prefer this wax. SP487 wax is made of coconut, soy and other proprietary oils. Sunshine candle supply will soon carry sp 487 by Strahl & Pitsch in smaller sizes. We tested this wax with many other natural waxes and found it to be a harder consistency then coco 83. We also mixed this wax with beeswax and had good results.


sandra g

Date 8/17/2020

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