Sunshine candle supply of florida was started in 2010 as a local candle supply store. Madeline our owner was frustrated with the high cost of shipping and wanted to start her own group for locals who were interested in candle making. Her main business was wine n wax partied and selling soy wax and fragrances locally. In 2020 she began her journey into online sales and expanding the product line. Soon after this the covid 19 pandemic hit and has slowed down the process. Sunshine candle supply will strive to not be out of stock on any items because we know first hand how being out of an item can put a candle makers business on hold.  Sunshine candle supply has two philosophies, no one is perfect and its how you hadle problems that makes the diffrence and when a customer calls you answer your phone!



Date 1/12/2021

Hello, am I able to come in the shop to smell the fragrance oils or are you only able to place orders for pickup?


Date 3/5/2021

Hello are you open for sales in-store/warehouse? I was wondering when it will be open for the public to buy and pick up wax.


Date 3/8/2022

You have hit the mark. It seems to me it is very excellent thought. Completely with you I will agree.

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