coco 83 wax shortage
What is up with coco 83 and shortages. We are currently waiting on ours to arrive. We have many people waiting. Coco 83 wax has been out of stock for a few months now. The facotry has promised we will have our coco 83 all natural coconut wax in 4 weeks from todays date. We are not taking pre orders on this wax but will have plenty to go around once we get our shipment. We will reorder once half our supply is finished. This has been a nationwide shortage, none of the candle supply companies have been able to get coco 83. We sell in coco 83 in slab forms and not cubes. The cube for is available much sooner then the slabs but harder to work with. Our customers prefer the slab for of coconut 83. We will be sending an e mail as soon as it becomes available. Our facotry had some mechanical issues combined with the corona crisis. Coco 83 has been a favorite of candlemakers for years. Many candle makers find coco 83 wax the purest and most easy to work with. The popularity of coconut waxes is increasing. Coco83 wax is shipped to us from the West coast of the united states. Please check other suppliers if you are on the west coast they will probably be able to have better shipping cost. We have to pay a very high shipping cost to get the product to Florida from the west coast so you might find our prices higher then companies out west. Our coconut apricot creme wax is also sourced on the west coast and we have to pay high trucking prices to get it across the country. Coco 83 wax, sp87 or sp 87p wax  and coconut apricot creme waxes are our  most popular coconut waxes. We always recommend adding 5-8% beeswax to these waxes if melting is a concern during warmer months. Keep in mind beeswax is very high in price and will add to the cost of your finished product. You can add "contains beeswax" to your label. Most consumers see extra value in Beeswax. During our testing and polls most consumers are more familiar with beeswax then any other wax. 


Leslie Lee

Date 1/8/2021

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